Some of my friends started to invest in Statum Global and getting nice profits, so I decided to try it out.

Statum Global – an investment and manufacturing environmental holding from China specializing in cryptocurrency mining using clean and renewable energy sources. The use of green energy is a reliable way to preserve the environment for future generations.

Offer is quite nice as you can invest as little as 10$ and for a short time as well(from 15 days)

Investment options:

  1. Mining
    Minimum amount USD 10.00
    Maximum amount USD 200.00
    Term of the work 15 days 
    Daily income 1.00 — 1.50%
    Body return Yes
  2. ECO Business
    Minimum amount USD 201.00
    Maximum amount USD 1000.00
    Term of the work 30 days 
    Daily income 1.10%
    Total income 33.00%
  3. Renewable Energy
    Minimum amount USD 1000.00
    Maximum amount USD 5000.00
    Term of the work 60 days 
    Daily income 2.50%
    Total income 150.00%


    They also offer pools to invest in so lower investment is possible in order to get a higher revenue.

My current investment is 40$, expected revenue is 9$ in 15 days

You can join me and register here:


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