Hi and welcome back to the blog:)

Was silent for a couple of weeks but everything goes fine so far. I would like to update you with my investments.

  1. Adblast

This is still the most popular and most solid platform for advertisement/investment.

I have 5$ of daily income from there and paid out already 150$ without any problems.

Join AdBlast here

2. Weenzee

If you compare it with the last post you can see that expected 0.59ETH changed into 0.56ETH but I am still positive about the platform.
Join the platform here

3. Statum Global

New platform(only couple months old). I gave it a try, as you could see in my previous post. Invested

40$ and after 15 days go 46$ of payout. For longer deposits there are higher % so it is up to you.

Join the Statum Global here

Some new stuff is coming so stay tuned:)

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