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Coinbase, one of the largest crypto exchanges, has tradition of promoting the chosen cryptos by rewarding users with a free crypto for watching the crypto tutorials and answering the questions.
It is win-win condition as:
– users will understand better what is the purpose of the crypto (no, it is not only about making money)
– thanks to the extended knowledge users will be able to choose wisely on what cryptos to buy
– this will bring new customers for Coinbase

This time I have a referal link to get 40$ of EOS. Please remember that you need to register, watch the videos and answer correctly to the questions about EOS (test questions). There are T&C’s that you should read before.

Use this link to get free 40$ of EOS

Only four first users who register and complete the videos will be able to get the coins (sorry, that’s the limit). Enjoy

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