You can earn with in couple different ways. This post will shortly describe how you can earn with

Before we start – is one of the largest booking websites in the world. You can find there hotels as well as private apartments at great prices. Check it out now at (by booking through this link you support my blog)

Earn on recommending to your friends

It is as simple as registering on and going to “Refer friends and earn” tab

Here you can get your referral link to share on social media etc.

Your friends will get 10% of discount for they stay and you will receive 20€ on your account. Couple of friends referred and you can get a free hotel stay.


Refer a property and get 100€

If your friend have a property for rent or hotel that you stayed in is not yet on the you can refer them to use and receive 100€. Simply go to the “Refer property” tab and you will get a referral link.

You will get a link like this:

Just copy and send to your friends. They will earn on larger incoming traffic and you will get your 100€


List your property

Some of us have empty/unused property – think about renting it out for the tourists for additional income. In Poland I have several friends that are renting their own apartments for the weekends. If there is a customer willing to stay they simply move to parents/friends for a weekend or travel somewhere (I know one guy that sometimes was sleeping in a car as he got quite a lot of money from renting).

If you live in large/popular city this may be a life changing opportunity.

Take care and happy earning

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