Brave is the next level browser based on the Chrome browser. The difference is that brave is faster and has built in add blocker.
Of course if you opt in to see ads you will be able to get a % of revenue from displayed ads. This is paid in BAT(Basic Attention Token) which is available on many exchanges. In this blog I am going to show you the three ways that you can earn with brave.

Earn with Brave for watching advertisements


Simply download Brave here and use it for 30 days to see the results. The only thing needed to activate is to enabling the Brave rewards as on the screen below:

Earn with Brave for referring the browser

You will earn around 5$ in BAT(Basic Attention Token) for every friends that you referred and that:

  • was using Brave for 30 days
  • downloaded and installed the Brave

To get your referral code simply download and install Brave and register on the Brave creators.

Earn from the tips from other Brave users


Brave gives an opportunity to send a tip to content creator (similar to Coil). You can activate it on your Website/Blog, YouTube, Twitch Channel and more. It is as simple as login into the brave publishers section, adding the channel/website and copying the referral link. Please note that activation of referral link may take some time.

Do more with Brave

Similarly to Coil Brave is trying to change the way of monetization of the Web. However, Coil is not removing the adds – it is giving the opportunity to get additional income for the quality content. Brave provides the fast browsing experience with removed ads or with opportunity to earn on browsing.
Od course there are some cons of Brave:

  • you won’t be able to get rewards in some countries
  • some people complain they are getting the specific adds
  • not everyone wants to move to a different browser, even if it is Chrome based

I can recommend you Brave – try it for those 30 days and see if you like it(after couple weeks you will get used to it). If you are creator it is highly recommended to use both Brave and Coil for maximised web income.

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